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[Background] What's not in the book, and what do we know ?

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Ok guys,

I received my book last weed and after devouring the rules, i'm now interesting myself into some background stuff.
So, what do we know exactly about this world ? What are the autors able to share with us in this forum ?

I've not read much atm but i can tell that there is 3 factions - at least that i'm aware of-

First of all, the Order of the Ram, with the Scarlet watch, an Orkish civilization with interesting matters (those guys are quiet uncommon as we usually see Orcs as massive bad guy destroying everything in there way, whereas those ones, looks like more civilized.)

Then we have the Howling horde, a norsmen tribe who's being friendly with dark magic, and having some serious bloodlust issues.

And the last one we get to see in the book is the Alliance of the bat, interesting one because it's kind of unusual to see dwarfs being friendly towards someone, moreover when that friend is a big massive Werewolf (who looks great btw).

So here are my questions.

Is there more tribes leaving in Isbran ?
- I can already say "Yes", because we will see some elfish people and an other fisherman tribe comming soon as the kickstarter 2 went well, but still, are they the only people left in that world, or can we expect more of them to come later ?

I also see that there was some minis from 2012/2013, are they part of the current factions ? Do we will get to see them again later ?

I'll update that post as people answer this thread, so that way we can have some kind of "summary" of the story and upcoming things.

I would love to see a map of Isbran, or even just a section. Something with lots of detail and locations. My group is planning to use the campaign rules from the main rulebook and it would be nice to have something we can visualize and maybe take it a step further with stories of where these battles took place. There is so much potential! :P

Yeah, This is what i really like with this world, everything as yet to be started and the potential is just huge.
Can't wait for some more action !

PS! @Alpha, would you mind writing here on the forum some reports of your battle ? We could use this a lot for our next games.

There is indeed a subtle hint of a sixth faction of spider elves in the rulebook. The mercenary Banshee is able to join their forces and there is also temple of the storms which  prepares to join the fight as the valkyries realize that there are no allies that stand with the Temple at the moment.

What I can tell you about the temple is what I read from story previews.
They were leaders of an ancient alliance that protected Isbran from various threats outside or within their sphere of influence. They have close ties to the orcs as both factions bear arms to defend Isbran yet one might see them as enteirly different from the male order of green skinned paladins. They wear highly decorative equipment, are experts in diplomacy, assassination, ancient knowledge and probably bear the blessing of both immortality and divine power. There are no known male members of the Temple of the storms. While being champions of order they represent the darker  side of civilization by using other races in achiving their goals, and killing those that threaten their plans.

Hmmm,  really interesting !

So we don't really know if they are good guys or bad guys, as they look like to protect Isbran from bad people but with bad methods aswell.

That's really nice !


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