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We are going to produce cavalry miniatures. So, I would like to hear your expectations here.

uhh. Very cool :)

For the Scarlet Watch i think Polar Bears would be nice.

So my bets are;

Scarlet Watch: fine with warthog-type mount from KS stretch goal

Howling Horde:  a Battle Moose - because nothing says “you are fooped” like a giant daemon-horse with spiked plow on his head! Or a really mean and big elk (they were made to rip guts out).

Alliance of the Bat: heavily armored Assault/Siege Bear? I mean,  come on!

Outregard: some sort of vicious bipedal reptilian. Or four-legged raptor that run up the trees?

Can’t figure out a good one for the Egir tribe…

Scarlet Watch - hit

Howling Horde - hit

Alliance of the Bat - well, this is one of the options, but maybe we will decide to make something else...

Outregard - no dark elves similiarities  :P... we have two different ideas: "normal" cavalry and/or possesed BIG wulfkin

Egir Tribe - even for creator this is a mystery at this stage  ;)

Egir tribe - pet evolved sea monster that can live on land?


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