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I love the look of this game!

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From what I heard the old models were too small thus couldn't be used for the game. But I know Pawel loves the Templar Part of the Order of the Ram so after the game will pick up speed we might start getting the templars.

My personal opinion about templar minis is: RIGHT NOW, ALL OF IT, IN MY FACE, 24/7!

Ahh. That makes sense.  A total lack of mention of the Templars/paladins had me confused. 

Given that each base size has a height associated with it, isn't any figure playable on a 40 mm base?  I am going to be play testing this game with bases of the correct size with the troop type written on it.

 I don't have the lists in front of me, but isn't it possible to have a commander with shield and spear (that denies the bonus from a charge)?

Unfortunatly not with Orcs, at least with the version of the rules that I have. The Scarlet Watch has little customization from the bottom up, while the Dark Guard has plenty with his expanded spellbook. Their strenght lies in dividing their opponents and efficent kills as they need to cut down the enemy as fast as possible before they get swarmed.

Orcs dominate in 1 vs 1 combat but if its 2 or more it gets bad really fast.

Especially if the enemy decides the combat resolution order.

Indeed, orcs shine in one on one combat. Dark Guard hs the highest CMD value from all commanders and thanks to special rules orcs should always have tactical advantage.
On the other hand there is no much room for customization of their weapons. Here barbarians shine.

Speaking about orc templars. Orc templar was great mini, but body proportions were bad. So, I made decision to rework templars and I already have a lot of concept arts ready. The Scarlet Watch belongs to orcish temple - Order of the Ram. However, they are outcasts. A day will come when orcs will get their true templar brother minis, but not now.

By the way Pawel, what are the alliance of the bat strenghts?


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