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General Discussion / For sale - The Scarlet Watch (painted) + Rules book
« Last post by veerminar on April 25, 2017, 01:21:59 am »

I sell on ebay, I can send abroad...
I would adjust the postage

(Sorry for my English, google translation  ;) )

Gallery / Re: Gallery Mig1
« Last post by mig1 on October 28, 2016, 09:06:56 pm »
Hi everyone, I´ve finished the bases for the band.Hope you like it^^
Gallery / Gallery Mig1
« Last post by mig1 on October 28, 2016, 08:55:35 pm »
Hi everyone, I´ve open this post to publish my work. I´ve started with the Egir tribe and I hope these next weeks I´ll try to upload the miniatures painted.

cheers ^^
General Discussion / Re: New potential player!
« Last post by Shrapnelsmile on October 24, 2016, 07:03:59 am »
New Kickstarter in March, 2017 eh?  That is very exciting news.

Thanks for the heads up.

and welcome to any and all new players.

Cheers from California.
General Discussion / Re: New potential player!
« Last post by Malombra on October 22, 2016, 02:23:25 am »
Thanks both!
Very precious info  ;D
At the moment I wouldn't know what I'd like to play.
I like the idea of Noble orcs (and the render for the next orcs is really great!), and it seems that the two factions with wulfkins could be fun to play too (not really fond of the female elves in the Outregard sarter, though). I guess I'll have to get both orcs and bat :P

Thanks again. Look forward to the next ks, and to have the book in my hand!

General Discussion / Re: New potential player!
« Last post by Mikus on October 21, 2016, 11:24:58 pm »
As Mig mentioned before the fluff is all over the net and stats can be found both in the rulebook or sometimes on norsgard facebook.

The story is about survival, control and honor.
 Order of the Ram are Noble paladins who uphold a watch over Isbran, protecting its denizens by slaying Mork Barbarians and watching if Outregard isn't coming back with vengence. They have very little options when it comes to unit customization but their mage is very versitile and they can have drills that are warband wide. Due to their small numbers they need a lot of tactical thinking to keep the upper hand over the enemy.

Mork are the cave and swamp dwelling barbarians who battle for survival against the templars and everything else. Think about the bear tribe from the 13th Warrior. They worship demons to enchance their abilities and all special units are female only (which is about to change with the new demon infused unit preview apparently).They have the best advantage which is their numbers. They strive on wolf pack tactics and single unit elimination as having more guys is big in Norsgard. Their units have plenty of options but they lack a common tactic.

Alliance of the bat is an alliance of a dying dwarves and young wulfkin tribes to survive the bloody battles that are taking place on their territories. Its basicly a dream team scenario. Big agile wulfkin armed with dwarven weaponry and trained by the longbeards in return for extending dwarven legacy. They have lots of shooting which is all about weakening the enemy with guns and killing them with wulfkin. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that its a faction that has lots of control over where do they deliver the pain and they are in the middle when it comes to the number of units they can field.

Egir tribe are seamen (and women) who pride themselves on being monster hunters without fear. We only have rules for 3 units but they have a sort of alpha strike feel to them but they use ranged units to deliver finishing blows

Outregard is an another alliance of undead elves and other Wulfkin that decided to ally themselves with the undead. As I write this they are mere weeks from getting their final rules but they can mess with magic cast by enemy wizards. They also share a wulfkin commander with the Alliance of the bat since they both have wulfkins in their armies. They don't lack for choices despite being a new faction.

For the 6th faction its well muddy. There are two possible choices.
Spider wood elves called the Eddrae that are mentioned as a faction Scarath the Traitoress can work for along with the Alliance and the Horde.
The Temple of the storms which consist of sexy valkyries that have been shunned by their former allies for their secretive and shady conduct. There is some art featuring them and two minitarues from older days of Norsgard were produced as well. Their faction however was very much inspired by the art of Genzoman and while I was very excited for miniatures featuring his art it is clear that Norsgard isn't going into that direction anymore.

Next kickstarter is going to feature True orc paladins of the order of the ram and the army of doom. They are both sort of sectorial forces within two initial factions Order of the Ram and Tribe of Mork.  Basicly the big boys in shiny plates and holy seals came to support  the more wildcards from scarlet watch and suddently the Mork unleash demons. Also Outregard gets its cool Elven witch shifting the focus from wulfkin to elves a bit. There might also be new units for the Egir and Alliance but I dont think Eddrae or Temple will be making an appearance.
General Discussion / Re: New potential player!
« Last post by mig1 on October 18, 2016, 09:03:09 pm »
Hi mate, I´ll try to answer your questions but maybe I´m not the best option XD

1_ you can found some backgroung in the web, but I think the full background is in the rulebook.
2_I think the cards are only avaible with the miniatures.
3_the next KS will start on march 2017, you should follow de facebook page. they put there all the info.
4_The new factions have less miniature but the rules made them playable and in few months they should receive reinfores

I haven´t play yet because It´s difficult to find nordsard players :( Maybe more experienced players can advise you better than me about faction styles.

Hope I can help you ^^
General Discussion / New potential player!
« Last post by Malombra on October 18, 2016, 08:17:33 pm »
Hi all!
New potential (read 'very likely') player here! I've read a bit of the game in various blogs/reviews and got definitely interested by the idea of the in-built campaign system (hello Mordheim!... or better... Hello Dogs of War!  ;D). I've had already put my eyes on the minis since the first KS (though I'd had to refrain at the time).
Anyway, I would have some questions for you, to help me choose a couple of factions (in all the games I have two factions, with diametrically opposed play style).
Is there any place where to read a bit more of the background of the factions?
Is there some place where it is possible to see the characteristics of the pieces available so far?
Besides the 5 already present factions, are there any other factions expected in the next KS? (or is the next KS essentially a way to round off the existing one?)
Lastly: are the two factions of the second KS a viable option? I mean, it seems that very few pieces are available for them so far (any artwork available for future releases? :P)

Really last: hints on the play style of the different factions?

I promise, my next posts will have much less questions! Sorry!!!

General Discussion / Re: Cavalry
« Last post by mig1 on October 14, 2016, 10:28:36 pm »
maybe some kind of sea snake or sea lizard
Gallery / Re: Building some scenery
« Last post by mig1 on October 08, 2016, 09:00:28 pm »
Hi mate, the base is an old CD. Then I add foam to give the form.
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